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StateLawyers.com offers an extremely easy, effective,
and affordable way for attorneys to advertise on the Internet.
As an attorney, you realize the importance of promoting your practice.
People use the Internet to search for and find the right lawyer,
every day of the week, all across the country.
The average client isn't interested in a complicated search process.
A complicated site, designed more for lawyers than clients, intimidates them.
If they're looking for a lawyer, they already have challenges.
That's why they're looking for you.
They want to search for someone near them,
and get comfortable learning a little bit about that person before they make the call.
StateLawyers.com specializes in making it easy for folks to find an attorney - like you.
We're so confident you'll be satisfied,
we want you to use our services FREE for the first 30 days.
Subscribing is easy and only takes a few minutes.
All new subscribers pay nothing until February 1, 2022!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
  Directory Listing - $25 per month
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Since 2005, we've been offering the following:
• Only $25 a month, no contract.
• 30 Day, No Obligation, Risk-Free Trial.
• List yourself in up to 10 areas of law. (Upgrades are available)
• List yourself in Every Community, within 6 Counties. (Upgrades are available)
• List yourself in multiple States.
• Over 6 million hits, on our Web site, per month.
• StateLawyers.com has achieved a Google Page Rank of 6.
• Prominent positioning on all major search engines.
• Manage your Listing through your secure Control Panel.
If you aren´t 100% satisfied with our services, at any time, login to your Control Panel,
select Billing, check the button labeled Cancel and we part friends.

And remember, the first month is always FREE.

It´s that simple!
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